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What are the main causes of slippage caused by the automatic locking screw machine?


What factors cause the slippage of the automatic locking screw machine? Two factors should be combined to explain:

1. Screw quality factors

The pass rate of screws is not high. For example, big head, flat head, and batch front (burr) are the killers of automatic locking screw machine. Not most of the problems of jamming, sliding teeth (not tightly locked), and flower heads are caused by the poor quality of the screw or the manufacturer's change of the design size to solve the poor quality of the screw;

2. Factors of the automatic locking screw machine

The problem of the machine itself is caused by the materials, craftsmanship, and the brand of electronic parts used.

In recent years, the market for the automatic locking screw machine industry has rapidly expanded, and many new manufacturers have emerged, with insufficient technology, design, and manufacturing capabilities. If you choose such a manufacturer for cheap prices, then the above problems will occur. Not surprising. At the same time, automatic locking screw machine manufacturers can provide timely after-sales service to help customers solve problems, and can also prevent customers from making unauthorized changes.

If you want the automatic locking screw machine to avoid slippage, jamming and other problems, you need to choose a strong manufacturer, while ensuring the quality of incoming materials and screws, and doing daily maintenance.