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Do daily maintenance work for the automatic locking screw machine


The automatic locking screw machine is frequently used daily, which will cause a large consumption of the machine and equipment itself, so we must do a good job in daily maintenance to reduce the problems that will occur in the production process of the equipment and ensure the operation of the production line.

After a long period of use, mechanical equipment such as the automatic screw-locking machine will wear out. If it is not maintained in a correct and timely manner, it is prone to failure. Proper daily maintenance can effectively avoid these problems. Tianyi automatic screw-locking machine maintenance technology The requirements are simple, the cost is low, and the normal operation of the equipment is guaranteed, the wear of parts is reduced, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged. Therefore, necessary technical maintenance operations must be strengthened to eliminate hidden troubles and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. It can also reduce a lot of unnecessary costs and greatly improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

Correct selection and reasonable deployment

Any kind of machinery has certain technical requirements for its use due to its own performance, structure and other characteristics. If the machinery can be used in strict accordance with the regulations and rationally, it can give full play to the mechanical efficiency, reduce mechanical wear, extend the service life, and reduce the use cost. Regarding the mechanical deployment issues between various projects, we should grasp the demand and exit information of the automatic screw machine in advance in time, arrange the secondary maintenance work during the call of the automatic screw machine, and solve the contradiction between use and maintenance. conflict.

Do a good job in the safety inspection of the automatic screw machine

Although the safety of the automatic screwing machine is fully considered when designing and manufacturing, in order to ensure its normal operation, regular and touring inspections must be carried out to avoid mechanical accidents and ensure production safety and life safety.

Personnel training, work with certificates

Personnel training includes job skills training and personnel safety education and training. The training and education of personnel must be planned, deployed, inspected, assessed, and targeted:

First, we must grasp the access of operators, and ensure that the three-level safety education before starting the job is in place;

The second is to compile a safety operation procedure manual and distribute it to every operator on the site;

The third is to do a good job in the safety training of the operation and management personnel of the automatic screw machine.