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How to use a handheld automatic screw machine


The hand-held automatic screw machine is used based on manual manual operation. The difference in the production of products sometimes makes manual control better. However, due to the excessive force and time spent by hand screwing, it is easy to cause fatigue, so this A hand-held screw machine that automatically sucks and replenishes screws and electrically locks screws.

Hand-held automatic screw machines have the characteristics of low investment cost, adapt to diversified products, and strong versatility. However, because they require manual operation, the technical requirements for operators are higher. At the same time, in order to avoid problems such as operating errors, the automatic locking screw machine manufacturers will briefly describe the operation specifications and troubleshooting methods of the handheld automatic locking screw machine.

Handheld automatic locking screw machine operation

1. Hold the nail tube

The automatic feeding function of the automatic screw machine is to convey the screws through the nail tube. When working, we only need to hold the batch to ensure that the nail tube is unblocked. Do not hold it together with the nail tube, which will cause the nail tube to deform , The screw is stuck.

2. The mouth is not hit to the end

The batch nozzle is not hit to the end, the screw is floating, the sensor does not respond, the next screw cannot be fed normally, the batch nozzle reaches the set torque, the screwdriver automatically stops working, the sensor is sensed, and the material is automatically fed. The hand-held screw machine is an automated equipment developed in accordance with the habit of manual operation. As long as we operate normally, there will be no material jam. The above are two serious manual errors. As long as normal operation, the screw lock can be completed efficiently and quickly. Pay work.

Hand-held automatic locking screw machine troubleshooting

1. Two consecutive feedings are caused by the slow delivery of the batch during the lock payment. The lock nozzle is equipped with two screws at the same time. At this time, please turn off the power supply of the electric batch, and use your thumb and index finger to pinch the clip of the lock nozzle to push the electric batch Release the screw of the lock nozzle, turn on the power supply of the electric batch, and continue the operation according to manual feeding;

2. When the tightening torque is reached, the screws do not come, and the screws do not come with manual feeding several times. At this time, please open the case and check whether there is any special-shaped screw blockage at the screw distribution place. If so: first turn off the power supply, air pressure valve, and The screws on the track are moved to the direction of the hopper, and the screws at the material distribution part are loosened. Then gently push and pull the cylinder to take out the special-shaped screws and continue working!

At the same time, you need to pay attention to the following issues when operating the hand-held automatic locking screw machine:

The machine should not be squeezed upside down. Magnets should be used to clean the hopper screws. The air supply with water should not be used. The electric valve should not be adjusted at will, or the non-standard parts can be disassembled at will. Any accessories should not be connected at will. Please turn off the power before maintenance!