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Is it difficult to use a multi-axis automatic locking screw machine?


In fact, there are more detailed functions to improve the level of automation and reduce the intensity of manual work. Not every automatic screw machine manufacturer's equipment has these functions. The automatic nail feeder is an important part of the automatic screw locking equipment, and its stability and efficiency are very important to the entire equipment. Many small functions on the details greatly improve the reliability and efficiency of the equipment. Many customers may only know the three detection functions of floating lock, sliding teeth, and missing lock. These are necessary for automatic nail feeders, but they are not clear about others. These functions are mainly designed for the automatic nail feeder. The purpose is to improve the stability of the equipment, reduce unnecessary manual work, and make the equipment run more stable and long-term.

1. Automatic counting function: The automatic screw locking machine can count the total number of screws locked by each worker every day, and can accurately judge the output.

2. Material shortage warning function: When there is material shortage, empty material, floating teeth, etc. in production, the system will receive a signal to send a warning to remind workers to pay attention.

3. Fault warning function: feeding and vibration drive are independently controlled, and the ideal delay stop time can be set freely. When abnormal conditions occur, the automatic screwing machine will start the fault warning device.

4. Anti-seize screw function: there is no seizure screw phenomenon, the screw moves in the drum and falls into the funnel. Any screw that has not entered the track will be removed into the drum and enter the next cycle to freely adjust the work size.

5. Anti-leakage screwing function: sometimes due to workers' negligence during production, missing screws may be caused. We can set the number of screws to be locked for each product, and the system will warn when the number is reached.

6. Torque detection function: a warning will be issued if the torque fails to meet the requirements or there is slippage.

7. The function of preventing repeated incoming materials: The unique signal method of never repeating incoming materials can prevent two screws from the automatic screw machine. Only the first screw can be tightened to deliver the second one.

8. Feeding speed custom function: change the speed arbitrarily, the screw adjusts the feed speed, the position of the picking point will not jitter back and forth and affect the work efficiency.

The above is only a brief description of the functions of the automatic nail feeder. Some detailed designs of the lock part need to be designed in conjunction with product characteristics. Different product designs are quite different, so the lock part will not be described here.

Users who do not know the automatic locking screw machine may have concerns about the difficulty of the operation of the machine and the technical level of the operator. The automatic locking screw machine has the advantages of high quality, high intelligence, high efficiency, high stability, etc., and can be operated without unmanned operation. Of course, in order to save investment and broaden the input-output ratio, manual loading and unloading methods are generally adopted for special products such as screw locks for large parts.

The automatic locking screw machine is easy to operate, and ordinary workers can start working after simple training. From the following aspects, it can be seen that the operation difficulty of the automatic screwdriver is very low:

1. In the aspect of feeding, manual loading and unloading, the machine automatically locks the screws on the product one by one, or the machine can automatically load and unload;

2. In terms of PLC man-machine interface operation, there are detailed instructions. At the same time, the design also takes into account the technical capabilities of the operators. The all-Chinese simple and clear operation screen can be used for a long time after one setting;

3. In terms of operation training, professional after-sales engineers will be trained in operation procedures, specifications, precautions for use, and maintenance;

4. In terms of maintenance, there is no need for professional technical engineers and complicated maintenance, just daily attention to cleaning.

All in all, the automatic locking screw machine can achieve high efficiency, high stability, high quality, and realize high intelligence and unmanned operation of the locking operation.