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The service life of the automatic screw machine is related to the surrounding production environment


The service life of the fully automatic screw machine is not only related to its own consumption by participating in production and processing, but also closely related to the surrounding production environment:

With the rapid development of mechanical automation technology, mechanical automation products are gradually replacing traditional mechanical and electrical products. Compared with traditional mechanical and electrical products, mechanical automation products have a high level of functionality and added value, which will bring society to developers and users. , Economic benefits.

At present, many companies are beginning to enter the era of automation. Many purchase automation equipment, but in many hours they have not maintained the automatic screwing machine in time, resulting in a short machine cycle and low output power. Therefore, strengthening the protection, maintenance and management of mechanical equipment is indispensable for daily operations. It can promote the effectiveness of the equipment safely, reasonably and effectively, use it correctly, and carefully protect it, so that the mechanical equipment is often in outstanding operating conditions to ensure the long cycle of the equipment , Safe and stable operation.

The operating environment of the fully automatic screw-locking machine is also particularly important in terms of the operating power and lifespan of the machine. If a device can operate normally, it must be ensured that all parts of its parts are in a suitable environment, and there are many parts in each part. The composition of electronic components, we know that automation equipment uses relatively strict components. The prerequisite for long-term stable operation of an equipment is to ensure that its various components can operate normally.

Operating voltage of the automatic locking screw machine

Generally, the voltage air compressor is equipped by the customer. The air compressor has 220V and 380V. The power supply voltage of the automatic locking screw machine is 220V, including the hand-held screw machine, the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine, and the XY automatic locking screw machine. , The operating voltage of the internal components of the handheld screw electromechanical batch is to convert the 220V of the power supply voltage to 36V.

The operating voltage of the internal components of the fully automatic screwing machine is to convert the 220V of the power supply voltage to 24V.

Usually the factory is equipped with 220V voltage.

Automatic locking screw machine operating temperature

The automatic locking screw machine is classified as automatic equipment, not special equipment. Its operating temperature is similar to other machinery, usually between 5°C and 40°C. Too low temperature will affect the normal operation of some components. The automatic locking screw manufactured by Cheng Scientific The machine can be used normally in most areas of the country. If the customer has no special requirements, the operating temperature of the automatic screw machine we equip for the customer is 5°C to 40°C.