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What are the advantages of the handheld automatic locking screw machine


The advantages of the hand-held screw machine embodies 4 points, convenience, versatility, fastness, and cleanness; the following is a detailed introduction to these 4 outstanding performances:

All kinds of screw machine automation equipment were born in the hands of designers. The automatic locking screw machine is no longer the working principle of the traditional automatic locking screw machine, and the previous vibration plate and pusher have carried forward the advantages of the traditional automatic locking screw machine. , And overcome all the shortcomings, making the automatic locking screw machine lighter, safer, stable, fast, low noise, low energy consumption. The automation designer introduces the advantages of the handheld automatic locking screw machine.

1. Convenience. Use the hand-held automatic locking screw machine to free up a hand to support the product to be locked when screwing. For small products, you can also save a positioning fixture (also called a fixture).

2. It is more widely used. It is applicable to screw-intensive products such as keyboard manufacturers, socket manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, charger manufacturers, calculator manufacturers, plastic products manufacturers, and plastic toy manufacturers.

3. Fast. Because it completely eliminates hand movement, grabbing screws, moving, screw aligning with the screwdriver and other actions, there is no waiting time at all, just align the screw holes and lock the screws. It can also reduce the workload of workers and enable them to easily complete their work requirements.

4. Clean. Since the action of removing the screw by hand or the electric screwdriver is omitted, it will not cause secondary pollution to the product due to the stains generated when removing the screw by hand, and sweat staining the screw, making it more rusty or avoiding the screwdriver on the screw damage.



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