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Calculate how long it will take to pay back after the introduction of a fully automatic screw locking machine


The cost is saved after the introduction of an automatic screw-locking machine. According to the function and efficiency of the automatic screw-locking machine, the time it takes to recover the cost will be different. So how to make the introduction of the automatic screw machine affect the production efficiency of the factory? These need to be carefully considered by the manufacturer.

Regarding the question of "How long will it take to save costs by purchasing an automatic screwdriver", automatic screwdriver manufacturers believe that because the automatic screwdriver is a non-standard equipment, it usually needs to be customized according to the actual situation of the customer. Therefore, different industries Different schemes need to be adopted, and the functions and efficiency of the automatic locking screw machine developed by different schemes are different, so the time required to recover the cost cannot be generalized.

1. The return on investment of the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine

The multi-axis automatic locking screw machine has high efficiency. It can lock multiple screws (2-10) at a time. One device can replace multiple employees. For example, an 8-axis automatic locking screw machine can lock 8 screws at the same time. The number of axes can be customized according to customer requirements. The return on investment is quite high. The machine is simple and practical, and employees can quickly master the operation and debugging; manual only picks and places the product, the machine automatically locks the screw and can judge whether the screw is locked, and the machine with a poorly locked product will give an alarm to facilitate the identification of defective products.

The current technology can deliver 10 screws at a time and lock them at a time. The use of a 6-axis device can be equivalent to the efficiency of 5 people, which can save 4 workers. Only 4 devices and 4 employees are needed to complete the production tasks of the previous 20 people. The cost can usually be recovered within one year; what's more, the automatic locking screw machine of Dongguan Chengke Electronics can run for at least 5 years and has a lifetime cost of maintenance. Therefore, it is very cost-effective to invest in a multi-axis automatic locking screw machine.

2. The return on investment of the platform type automatic locking screw machine

The platform-type automatic screw-locking machine adopts coordinate positioning. Several electric batches work at the same time according to the determined coordinates, which can replace multiple workers; for example, install 4 electric-batch platform-type automatic screw-locking machines, which can lock 4 screws at a time. , The machine can lock several products at the same time. High flexibility, the number of Z-axis electric batches can be customized according to customer requirements, and the Y-axis can be made into double stations (ie double Y-axis) according to needs, and the operator can alternately load materials. The advantage of the platform type automatic screw-locking machine is that one person can operate multiple devices. In this case, 5 employees can operate 10 devices.

3. The return on investment of the handheld automatic locking screw machine

The hand-held automatic screw-locking machine is a semi-manual and semi-machine working method. It has the smallest investment cost and the shortest recovery time. It is also an automatic screw-locking machine, but the handheld still cannot get rid of manual hole , Can not meet the requirements of fully automated production operations, it needs to manually hold the electric batch to automatically screw the screws on the product, eliminating the tedious steps of manually putting the screws on the product. It is suitable for small-scale production. After adopting this scheme, compared with traditional manual operation, production efficiency is greatly improved, thereby reducing the number of workers and the cost of labor.

The cost analysis of the automatic locking screw machine To sum up, we still need to continue to explore and develop, what is the specific return on investment, or need to be determined according to the specific plan.