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Specific analysis of the advantages of multi-axis automatic locking screw machine


What are the advantages of the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine? What is the reason for choosing a multi-axis automatic locking screw machine?

The multi-axis automatic locking screw machine has the advantages of high quality, high intelligence, high efficiency, high stability, etc., and can be operated without unmanned operation. Of course, in order to save investment and expand the input-output ratio, manual loading and unloading methods are generally adopted for special products such as screw locks for large parts.

Multi-axis automatic locking screw machines are widely used in electronics manufacturing companies, and huge changes have taken place in the production workshop. Compared with companies that have not been used or can not afford it, what are the differences between the two production models?

From the perspective of the cultural literacy of production personnel, companies that use multi-axis automatic screw-locking machines have higher cultural literacy for their employees, and more require high school or technical secondary school diplomas or higher, while the requirements of small companies are not so high. I don’t care so much about recognizing words. The shortage of employees has caused a labor crisis, and companies have to use multi-axis automatic screw-locking machines to replace their employees. These chain reactions have brought many changes to the company.

1. Before using the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine, you need to check the ventilation and power supply of the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine, and turn on the power switch and the ventilation valve.

2. According to the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine of different products, program control should be carried out, and the drive stroke of all parts should be checked.

3. Put the materials in the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine, and then perform the inching or inching process one by one, so as to achieve the accuracy of checking all the work and the proper stroke.

4. Before using the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine, start the trial operation and check the effect and quality of the finished product. But after everything is stable, you can rest assured to use production.

5. You need to conduct regular quality inspections on the multi-axis automatic screw-locking machine in advance, and determine the performance of the multi-axis automatic screw-locking machine.

With the rapid development of industrialization, traditional manual operations are far from being able to meet the needs of manufacturers. Had to find another shortcut, and automation equipment just made up for the shortcomings of this market.

Many companies are still stuck in the state of using traditional manual screwing, and these companies have always used electric or wind screw with one hand, and the other hand grasps the screw and aligns the screw with the screw. Performing the necessary actions of "grabbing, moving, waiting, and aligning" the screwing, the time spent halfway accounts for one-third of the time required for screwing, especially for materials that cannot be absorbed by magnets such as stainless steel or copper When screwing, it takes more time, and there are many screwing stations on each production line. In this way, productivity is very low, and the company is inefficient, and employee wages are naturally not high. If the vicious circle continues, the company will naturally go bankrupt.

So how to avoid these thorny problems, there is currently a kind of machine called multi-axis automatic screw-locking machine in China. It can save multiple employees and only need to pick up and down. It saves time, effort, simple operation and realizes mechanized management. The reasons for choosing the automatic locking screw machine are as follows:

Cost saving: One person can operate efficiently, and one person is equivalent to the efficiency of three people.

High efficiency: Up to 40 bolts per minute for locking screw speed, instantly improving efficiency by 2 times

Super clean: no longer directly touch the screws, to avoid the problem of rust caused by secondary contamination of the hands;

Easier: 1 worker is required for a single piece of equipment, and only needs to complete the loading and unloading;

Reliability: It can work for more than 20 hours a day;

Versatility: For products that lock the same screw, you only need to replace the jig, and you can lock different products. Through simple programming, you can put into production, which greatly facilitates the organization of production.

Good image: The new road sign automation equipment makes the production scene of the enterprise refreshed and establishes the high-tech image of the enterprise.