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What kind of function should the automatic screw machine have


There are 5 types of functions that the inventors of the automatic screw machine have considered and must have, and they are required by the market for their multi-functional convenience. The automatic screw machine is a part of equipment that cannot be developed in the industry. It can improve production efficiency for enterprises and save labor costs. In this regard, it is an automatic equipment chosen by enterprises. Many names are called automatic screwing machine, automatic locking screw machine, automatic locking screw machine, etc. in different names. No matter what the name is, as long as there is one aspect, that is to create value for the enterprise. It is an important equipment that enterprises look forward to. For the automatic locking screw machine, it is used more in the electronics industry. We all know that the screws used in the electronics industry are strange, and different models and specifications are hard to count. Take Bosi Automation's products as an example, there are single-axis fixed automatic locking screw machines and multi-batch fixed automatic locking screw machines. So what kind of function does the screw machine have to be qualified? Let’s share with you today:

1. The working speed can be adjusted freely: the machine is stable during re-operation, will not shake, and has high working efficiency; there is no jamming of screws. The screws move in the drum and drop, and all the screws that have not entered the track are removed into the drum and enter the bottom Cycles.

2. Independent control of feeding and vibration drive: the ideal delay stop time can be set freely.

3. A variety of screws are suitable for screw machines: 1.0--5.0 adjustable ( can use special screws, 1:1 short screws, screws with washers are all It can be common.

4. Fault alarm function: When there is a fault or abnormal situation, the screw machine will start the fault alarm function, and the operation is much simpler than other screw machines.

5. Convenient track adjustment: The track of the screw machine can be drawn out and adjusted freely! It is easy to understand and easy to operate.

For a screw machine, it is not only as simple as a screw machine, but the entire process of the screw machine must be completed. Of course, that includes the inspection of incoming materials, screwing, and screwing to complete the inspection before proceeding to the next step. Sharing these 5 aspects of knowledge hope to help all companies.