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Depth principle of automatic screwing machine


The depth principle of the automatic screwing machine is the development of various industries that have been modernized for a long time. The screw is naturally an indispensable part of many electronic products. The formation of the product needs to be fixed and stereotyped, and a stable product can guarantee consumers. .

With the development of modern industry, many products in industrial production need to be screwed. However, the efficiency of manual screwing is not high, and manual operation has not reached the needs of society. Therefore, although many people are familiar with the automatic screw-locking machine, they do not know how it works, which makes it difficult to get started. So do you know how the automatic locking screw machine works?

Working principle of automatic locking screw machine:

1. The automatic locking screw machine is a feeding machine that arranges the qualified screws in an orderly manner. The distributing mechanism automatically separates the screws to be locked to the nail feeding tube. The qualified automatic locking screw machine should include a screw automatic alignment unit, a screw automatic conveying unit, and a screw automatic Tightening unit and detection unit in the process of locking.

2. The screw automatic alignment unit is mainly to arrange the bulk screws neatly and output them individually. The alignment unit can be realized by a vibrating disc sorting mechanism or a rocker-type screw alignment mechanism. The automatic screw conveying unit mainly conveys the entire row of screws to the working head of the screw tightening unit.

3. The automatic screw tightening unit includes a rotating power part and a screw introduction part. The common ways of introducing screws are air blowing and adsorption. Generally speaking, the air blowing type does not need to move the head back and forth due to continuous work, so the overall efficiency is better than the adsorption type. However, the air blow type itself is limited by the shape and aspect ratio of the screw, and not every type of screw is suitable for the air blow type. The detection unit includes the detection of leaking locks, floating locks, jammed screws and other problems.

In order to provide work efficiency, some manufacturers have chosen an automatic screw-locking machine to replace manual screwing, instead of manual screwing to complete the work of taking, placing and tightening screws. Under normal circumstances, the most easily damaged parts of the automatic locking screw machine are the electric screwdriver, the screwdriver, and the air pipe, which need to be replaced after a while.