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Overview of my countrys screw machines in the international market


The industry of my country's automatic locking screw machine in the international market is lower than the world's average production level. In this regard, the industrial development planning and technology improvement will surely bring about different changes.

my country's automatic locking screw machine industry is undoubtedly a latecomer. Most of the production technology is behind the world average. The development of the industry is in urgent need of planning and technological improvement. There are three major robot production schools worldwide, and the development of domestic industry You can fully learn from their development models and give them comprehensive transformations to suit your own development, as follows:

1. The Japanese model is characterized by: each perform its duties and complete turnkey projects at different levels. That is, the robot manufacturer takes the development of new robots and mass production of high-quality products as the main goal, and its subsidiaries or social engineering The company designs and manufactures complete sets of robot systems required by various industries, and completes turnkey projects;

2. The European model is characterized by: a package of turnkey projects. That is, the production of robots and the system design and manufacturing required by users are all completed by the robot manufacturers themselves;

3. The American model is characterized by a combination of procurement and complete design. Basically, ordinary industrial robots are not produced in the United States. When companies need them, they are usually imported by engineering companies, and then design and manufacture supporting peripheral equipment by themselves. Turnkey projects.

The production scale of my country's manufacturing industry is very large, otherwise there will not be the title of "world factory", but behind this, it is manufacturing production or an overall bad form of low-end and low-end products based on human production. After the resurgence of the global industrial automation trend, the manufacturing developing countries headed by China began to set off an upsurge of transformation.