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What is the difference between the servo tightening system of the automatic screw machine and the electric screwdriver?


Respectively analyze the difference between the servo tightening system of the automatic screw machine and the electric screwdriver? Will it be reflected in four aspects?

Ordinary electric batches and gas batches are promoted by most manufacturers due to their light weight and low cost. The screw-locking work of general industrial products uses electric batches or gas batches, which can already meet the production requirements, so the recognition is high. .

The servo tightening system needs to perform tasks through servo motors, PLCs, and drives, and can run complex algorithms. The torque control is more precise, the torque value can be given in real time, and the action is executed according to the torque reference value to complete the high standard and difficult lock work.

Here is a brief introduction to the difference between the servo tightening system and the electric batch from the following points.

1. Speed

The servo motor has large output, fast response, high speed, small inertia, smooth rotation and stable torque.

2. Precision

Servo motor can realize high-speed real-time detection and high-precision control of tightening torque; torque can be controlled in both positive and negative directions;

The controller interface displays the main data of the tightening process in real time: actual torque value, angle value, process time, qualification, etc.; it is displayed and set by the touch screen;

Ordinary electric batch can only adjust the torque according to the electric batch, and cannot display real-time torque data.

3. Life

Servo motors usually have a service life of 10 million times, which is 5 times longer than that of ordinary electric and gas batches.

4. Cost

The cost of servo motors is usually more than twice that of ordinary electric batches.

The advantages of the above-mentioned servo motors are obvious. In addition to the high cost, the cost issue is also the main reason why the servo tightening system cannot be popularized. In the production design of the automatic screw-locking machine, the electric batch and the gas batch are usually used as the power of the lock payment, which has small investment, quick effect, high efficiency and can meet the lock payment requirements.

Servo tightening machines are used for high-precision products (automotive engines, aviation, etc.), while the current servo tightening machines only perform tightening actions (such as car tire screwing), and do not convey screws and nuts.

Fully automatic servo tightening machine (with automatic screw feeding, automatic screw screwing and other functions, unmanned operation) applications are still relatively few. A fully automatic servo tightening system is also being implemented on some screws below M6. However, the equipment cost of the multi-axis automatic servo tightening system is much higher than that of the electric batch. Therefore, only products with special requirements for tightening process, torque and angle control are suitable for use.