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Automatic locking screw machine

Automatic locking screw machine

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  • Date of issue:2020-11-19
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Automatic locking screw machine SF-4220-2Z (vacuum suction) mechanical parameters

1. Product scope of application:

Applicable to: toys, small home appliances, electronic products, instrumentation, lighting, electronics, plastics, alloys, communication equipment, audio and other lock screw technology.

2. Features:

*The vacuum suction screw structure can realize the standard surface structure of the product lock screw position and the locking function of the meson screw

*Dual-mode independently locks two (or the same kind of screws) products at the same time to achieve a higher efficiency and higher working mode

*Support leak lock/sliding tooth/floating tooth alarm function

*Support the adjustment function

*Support automatic induction start operation function

*Support servo electric batch speed and torque independent adjustment function

*Support manual drag adjustment to lock screw point adjustment function

3. Technical parameters:

Locking screw range

X200*Y1/420*135mm    X200*Y2/420*Z135mm(X*Y*Z/X*Y*Z)

Screwing time

1.0~1.5 seconds/grain



Program recording mode

15 groups, 99 POINTS per group

Electric batch method

Precision Servo Motor (Mitsubishi/Delta)

Feeding method

Turntable screw feeding method (own brand)

Control System

MCU + touch screen control system

Motor system

Precision stepping (closed loop) motor (domestic brand)

Transfer method

Synchronous belt/precision linear guide (Taiwan Shangyin)

Input power


Working air source


Edit mode

Hand drag type & teaching type

Working temperature

5~40 degrees

Working environment humidity


Applicable screw specifications

All types of screws

Applicable lock screw size

M1.0~M4 (the screw length does not exceed 16MM) can be customized if it exceeds the range

Mechanical dimensions


Machine weight


Automatic locking screw machine