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Handheld automatic locking screw machine

Handheld automatic locking screw machine

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  • Date of issue:2020-11-23
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Hand-held screw locking machine SF-SC01-01 (Blowing type) mechanical parameters

1. Product scope of application:

It is suitable for screw locking of various products, such as toys, security, small household appliances, electronic products, instrumentation, LED lamps, communication equipment, audio and other locking screw technology.

2. Features:

*Direct supply type (Blowing type) screw supply structure to realize fast feeding and automatic screw locking

*Single person can work efficiently, saving a labor

*The left hand does not need to take the screws frequently, it can be used to hold the product and improve the operation accuracy

*Cleaner, no longer direct contact with screws, to avoid secondary pollution and rust caused by hand contact

*More efficient, 55-60 screws can be locked in 1 minute, the efficiency is more than doubled

*Screws are automatically arranged for feeding, automatic screening of special-shaped screws, automatic replenishment of empty materials, and automatic alarm when there is no material

3. Technical parameters:

Locking screw range

No fixture required, easy operation at any position in 360 degrees

Screwing time

0.8~1.0 seconds/piece


Display and adjust various parameters, with counting function, better control of production capacity

Feeder capacity

Standard screws above 5000

Control System

MCU + touch screen control system

Motor system

Brand precision motor



Input power

AC 220V/50HZ

Working air source


Applicable Products

Products with screw counterbore depth <=300mm can be easily locked

Universal range

The screws can be common between the same products, and the diameter tolerance of different screws and nuts can be common within 0.3mm

Working temperature

5~40 degrees

Working environment humidity


Applicable lock screw size

M1.4~M5 (Screw length does not exceed 16MM)

Feeding method

Blowing feeding method

Mechanical dimensions


Machine weight


Handheld automatic locking screw machine